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Exercise for Awareness

November 1st 2019, 5:00pm Onwards
Bedford Park, Matamata

Online registrations are now closed. Please register tomorrow at 5pm.
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Who We are!

Shining Light on the Dark – Matamata Piako is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness and support for the precursors associated with suicide, and to the grief left in its wake. We hope that this organisation will grow in strength within our communities here in Matamata-Piako of NZ, through support networks, workshops, communication and working alongside support services. Why? Why not! Enough is enough, we are impassioned for people to get the support they need, be it for those suffering or the family and friends affected.

Speak up & Support!

Mental Health is an illness that needs to be acknowledged.  Most people who are suffering from mental health do not want to be.

With support from our people who care about them and a connection with their own sense of culture, identity and purpose can help them to find a way through the dark.

Make a Donation!

Shining light on the dark working committee welcomes the support that your organisation may bring to this significant event.  Your involvement will add value and assist in development towards a brighter and healthier Matamata Piako District community.

The group understands that any support is a major commitment for any organisation involved and we ensure that you will get the most out of your contribution.  A communication person will be dedicated to liaising with you throughout the planning period as well as during the event.

To Donate, please make an online banking transfer into the account 02-0360-0160403-000